Jake Reynolds: Against the Tide

By Sara Leach

Jake (who readers may know from the prequel, Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle?) is caught between old and new friends, having fun and doing the right thing––and he needs to make a choice before the tide comes in.

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Sounds of the Ferry

Written by Sara Leach, Illustrated by Steven Corvelo

Following up on their best-selling adventures in Mountain Machines, Sara Leach and illustrator Steven Corvelo board a ferry to explore the sounds and sights of a sea voyage. Full of detail, with recurring characters and colourful marine life, this rhyming picture book takes children on an entertaining ferry ride. Sounds of the Ferry was nominated for the 2012/13 Chocolate Lily Book Award.

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Mountain Machines

Written by Sara Leach, Illustrated by Steven Corvelo

Mountain Machines is a 24-page full-colour rhyming, illustrated children’s counting book about the machines that work in a ski resort.

Vibrant illustrations and whimsical words teach tots to count and name the machines cavorting in the snow. Each machine has it own personality and on every page Marty Marmot observes the fun.

A lively book for little ones to learn numbers and new vocabulary, as well as for anyone who loves snow, snow sports, winter or machines.

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When Falcons Fly: The Story of the First Olympic Gold Hockey Team

Written by David Square

When Falcons Fly is the true story of the Icelandic Canadian boys who faced racial prejudice and poverty to win the world’s first Olympic hockey gold medal in 1920.

A great read for any age, When Falcons Fly is a true Winnipeg rags-to-riches story of how a group of mostly Icelandic Canadian boys faced racial prejudice and poverty in the early 1900s to win the world’s first Olympic gold medal in hockey. This action packed, fictionalized account of the team’s rise to victory will have particular appeal to young adults.

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Pegasus Film of Iceland has bought the rights to the book in partnership with January Films of Canada.



Snorri Thórisson, CEO of Reykjavík-based production outfit Pegasus Pictures (Icelandic line producer of Game Of Thrones), has revealed details of the company’s latest feature projects.


One of the most ambitious projects the company is hatching is The Falcons.

The feature will tell the remarkable story of the Winnipeg Falcons, the ice hockey team made up almost entirely of Icelandic immigrants that won Canada’s first ever gold medal at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp. These immigrants had been treated as outsiders but became national heroes.

The Canadian partner is Julia Rosenberg and Thórisson is putting The Falcons together as an Iceland-Canada co-production using the treaty between the countries.

The film is based on the book When Falcons Fly by David Square, which Thórisson has now re-optioned. An earlier attempt by Thórisson to make the film foundered but the Pegasus boss is confident the film will go ahead this time round. The feature will be made in English and Iceland